The moon had a dreadful face that day, but then, Owen thought, doesn’t it always? Craters for eyes and a cracked glass mouth. He wrapped his lapels over one another in a show of cold as he passed the Turkish coffee house that handed out little hand warmers shaped like water bottles to the people… More Tricycle


Crescendos – click here to read. ‘A strong and original collection … the poems are inventive, love the language and have a very fine ear.’ — George Szirtes Here is Crescendos, my first small pamphlet of poetry. These nineteen poems have been rattling around in my head for a long time, particularly in context of… More Crescendos

So There Are Two Things

The first is that my latest poem for The Norwich Radical is called Dark Night Strangles the Travelling Lamp, and concerns the discovery of Kepler-452b, or the closest ‘twin’ our planet has outside of the solar system. You can read it here: The second is that that same poem is one of a big handful… More So There Are Two Things